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Getting Started




  • name: a short way of identifying your project
    • Tab title
    • Navbar title (Pro)
  • title: a mid-size way of identifying your project. Normally the name + slogan.
    • Google search main title
    • Share card preview main title
  • description: a longer way of explaining what your project does.
    • Google search description
    • Share card preview description
  • menu (Pro): the top-right menu definition as an object with keys (labels) and values (urls, absolute or relative)
  • pages: where the data should be searched. Defaults to readme.md. It IS case insensitive.


Moving OUT of Documentation Page

I created Documentation Page to be a place where developers can easily semi-automate their docs websites, not to lock them in. So if at some point, for some reason you decide to move out into e.g. Github Pages, please feel free to do so! There are some disadvantages but these might not affect you.

The easiest and probably best way of making your Github Pages is having a single markdown file with all of the docs. Then you can either have a script that converts that into a full HTML page locally, or using a Jekyll template that converts it into an HTML page on Github pages.


How it works

Reading the repo

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