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✅ No setup needed, adapts to your workflow

✅ Branding, themes and custom domains

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Users will read your docs 📖

Our main goal is to make it as easy as possible to read and understand your documentation.

How? Your text takes the main stage for the users to read.
No distractions, no popups, no cookies, just clear text.

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Easy to explore and learn 🔎

Built-in index and search to easily navigate your project,
from the broad strokes to the finest details.

Devs now have the tools to solve their own problems. Enjoy reduced support time and keep writing great code 💪

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Adapts to your needs 🔧

Whether you prefer to keep your docs as a single readme or multiple files in a folder, we follow your workflow.

But if you want more control on the details you can provide some configuration! It's all well documented:

How it works Configuration

Upgrade for better branding 🦾

All projects are available for free in Documentation Page for the users to discover and learn about.

Upgrading to "Important Project" you can put your own domain and the project brand takes the front page.

Upgrade plan See Configuration


Small Project

  • Open Source project
  • Full navigation and search ℹ️
  • Basic Configuration ℹ️
  • DIY Documentation ℹ️
  • 1 hour refresh rate ℹ️
$0 - Getting Started

Important Project

  • Custom Domain ℹ️
  • Project Branding ℹ️
  • Full Configuration ℹ️
  • Community Support ℹ️
  • 10 min refresh rate ℹ️
$5 / month

Enterprise Project

  • Private Project ℹ️
  • Setup Help ℹ️
  • 1h consulting/month ℹ️
  • Priority support ℹ️
  • Immediate refresh ℹ️
$100 / month

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